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This is basically just a hack I did for fun. There's no functional advantage to it, it just looks cool. Nobody has trouble with front wheels anyway, so even a sub-optimal spoke pattern like this works fine.

The spoke lengths are the same as would be used for a cross 4 pattern (32 spoke wheel.) Cross 4 is not generally recommended for 32 spoke wheels, but it hasn't given me any trouble.

It doesn't ride any differently from a normal front wheel.

The Panaracer 26 x 1.5" radial tires were only available for a very brief period. They seem to have nice low rolling resistance, but they tend to wallow a bit from side to side. This is pretty irritating, and when I was riding them I found myself constantly stopping to check the pressure...they always felt as if they were running flat!

Copyright © 2008 Sheldon Brown

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