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This is the cellar of the house I lived in in Watertown, Mass. from 1974-79.

On the lower left you see the handlebars of my Moulton MkIII and homebuilt tandem #2. You can see most of my Raleigh International fixed-gear, then equipped with a TA 3-arm track crank and a "Wonder" tail light on the seatpost.

From left center you see a bit of my seamless photo background paper, the rear wheel of my then girlfriend's Robin Hood, then my own Robin Hood camo commuter, and my Raleigh Twenty folder up against the water heater and oil-burning furnace. Both the Robin Hood and the Raleigh Twenty had been upgraded with Sturmey-Archer S5 5-speed hubs. Hanging from the ceiling by its front wheel is my Brown. You can mainly see the Unicanitor saddle it was equipped with at that time. The Brown is mostly obscured by the reflector of one of my photo lights, and the tripod with the bellows that goes to my Bronica S2A camera.

Slightly to the right of center, another fixed-gear bike is hanging. I believe this was my Robin Hood fixed gear, based on a 3-speed frame. Both the Robin Hood fixie and the Brown were painted with metallic copper Krylon rattlecan paint, but it looks like the Robin Hood was only wearing primer at this time. On either side of the Robin Hood fixie, you see a pair of wooden uprights that I made to support a TV. My bed at this time was a matress on the floor. I put one of these uprights on each side of the matress, with a piece of angle-iron from an old bed frame bridging between them. I had a little 5" Sony B&W TV that would hang from modified coat hangers just above my head, so I could watch TV while lying on my back in bed. This turned out to be less desirable than it might have seemed, because I never saw the end of any show I would watch...I would always fall asleep!

Over on the right, you see my typically cluttered workbench, and my photographic copy stand behind it. Among other things on the workbench is my original Bell Biker helmet. Back in the day, this was basically the only decent bike helmet available, and everybody wore them. I didn't like looking like everybody else, so I covered mine entirely with red reflective tape.


Copyright © 2008 Sheldon Brown

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