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A reader’s video shows what it’s all about

A reader has posted a very nicely-produced short video about upgrading of an older steel-frame bike. This kind of project is exactly what is about. The bicycle already has endured some 30 years, and it will probably still … Continue reading

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Shoes and pedals

John Allen has written a new article on this topic, which Sheldon oddly did not cover. Read to the end, though, to learn something you may not have expected about Sheldon’s preference in cycling footwear.

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Buying and selling

John has updated and expanded the file on selling bicycles to include additional resources and to say more about selling, and components as well as bicycles. Much of the new informaiton was gathered in the process of making more room … Continue reading

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This glossary page had a very long entry for headsets,  information recently updated and expanded in a separate article. I shortened the glossary entry to get it out of the Department of Redundancy Department (one of Sheldon’s favorite quips) and … Continue reading

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Minor edits, a tag line and a photo added to Tom Shaddox’s article about the Schwinn Varsity.

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John has done minor editing on tires.html and its British English clone.

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John updated the page on repair of flat tires, also adding some new tricks, checking links etc. html

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Harriet Fell’s updates to the site

While John is plugging away at adding new material to the site, I continue to work on cleaning up the code. I had started converting files to XHTML but I am now converting to HTML5 instead. I am trying to … Continue reading

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John Allen’s updates to the site 12/2010-3/2011

March 13-22-25 headsets.html – major updates including instructions on adjustment of threaded headsets; added exploded diagrams; resized photos and added a photo of a “brinelled” bearing race. More to come — photos of disassembly/reassembly. March 12 velos.html — added comments … Continue reading

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ShelBroCo new product

Check it out! The honored tradition of ShelBroCo products lives on!

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