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Articles For Beginning Cyclists
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by Sheldon "Been There" Brown and others
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Gear Shifting For beginner or intermediate cyclists.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Shifting Your Bicycle's Gears,
But Were Afraid To Ask.

This is an introduction to gear shifting, and the basics of how a derailer works. How, why and when to shift gears.

Bicycling and Pain Where does it hurt?

Riding a bike isn't supposed to be a painful experience.
Click on the body part that hurts for advice on easing the pain!

Adjusting Handlebar Height Higher or Lower?

If your handlebars are at the wrong height for your riding style, you'll be uncomfortable or slow.

Starting and Stopping Do you really know how to ride a bike?

Proper technique for safe starting and stopping.

A Comfortable Saddle Something everybody wants.

What you should know about saddles and seatposts.

Shoes and pedals For all cyclists

Choosing shoes and pedals to suit your style of riding -- and clothing.

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Braking and Turning For all cyclists

Braking and turning technique.

Standing to Pedal When should you stand to pedal?

Most cyclists spend too much time out of the you?

Tricycles not just for kids

Can't balance a bicycle? Does a tricycle make sense? What kind?

Freewheel or Cassette? Which type of gear cluster do you have?

Much time and money is wasted as a result of confusion between these two incompatible systems.

Why Reflectors Don't Work by John Schubert

Don't trust your life to reflectors, you need lights to ride at night!

Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary For all cyclists.

An encyclopedic listing of bicycle lore, technical data and opinions.

Cycling For Fun (U.K.)

Lots of information for beginning cyclists.

Bicycling Street Smarts For all cyclists

John Allen's tutorial on bicycle handling and traffic skills

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Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

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