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The Raleigh RRA (Raleigh Record Ace)

1930's RRA

This is the Raleigh Record Ace at the Owls Head Transportation Museum. The serial number is: AD 94979. It is a 3 spd, with Strumey-Archer shifter marked "Trigger Control" with Patent Applied For stamped on the shifter as well. No window or indicator of any kind on shifter body. The front hub is a DynoHub and is stamped with "MK II".  The rear hub is stamped "Sturmey Archer AW-9". The bike is equipped with Bluemels "Noweight" mudguards, the rear one is in pretty sad shape (unfortunate because it has a lovely Raleigh logo decal on it). The headlamp is marked DynoHub and has two bulbs, with a rotary switch for dim, bright, off, etc.

RRA-1930s  RRA-1930s

White 1973 RRAs

A3963 and G8721 serial numbers.
RRA-1-small.jpg RRA-2-small.jpg

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