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The Raleigh Superbe DL24, DL24L

The "Superbe" was a deluxe veariant of the Raleigh Sports. The Superbe usually came with a DynoHub lighting system, key locking fork, luggage carrier and upgraded saddle (Brooks B66 instead of the B72 used on the Sports.

From the 1962 catalogue:

1962 Raleigh Superbe

It's an interesting sign of the times that the 1962 catalogue copy suggests that the Dynohub would be "ideal for emergency lighting in your fallout shelter."

For reasons of marketing, Raleigh made equivalent bicycles under the "Rudge" and "Humber" name.

From the 1967 catalogue:

1967 Raleigh Sports Suberb

The top-line Raleigh/Rudge/Humber models had a number of features that set them apart from lesser models, even lesser Raleigh products.

From the 1970 catalogue:

1970 Raleigh features

From the 1976 catalog:

1976 Raleigh Tourist 1976 Raleigh Tourist


"Superbe" Road Bike

The "Superbe" model name was also used in the early '80s (Huffy period) for a rather nice Japanese-built "road" bike.


Sheldon Brown's 1976 Competition "Superbe"

My Raleigh Competition "Superbe" is intended to be an interpretation of the classic Raleigh Sports/Superbe 3-speed, only with higher-quality materials and with improved modern technology.

The frame is a classic Raleigh Competition, originally a 10-speed racing machine. It appears to be a 1976 model, all Reynolds 531 butted tubing, with Hurét dropouts.

I have equipped it with a Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal-gear hub, and a Shimano Nexus generator front hub.

Assorted gold plated parts accent the gold trim on th black frame.

Rims are lightweight Mavic clinchers, with Panasonic/Rivendell Roll-y Pol-y tires.

Raleigh Cometition

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