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Sheldon Brown photo
by Sheldon "Nickname" Brown
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Anders Junnila
My Great-grandfather's journal of his seafaring years, 1859-69
Banbury Cross Morris
My kids' used to be on this Morris Dance team.
My Bicycles
Some would say I have too many.
Blaley Wedding
John Bayley and Pamela Blalock tie the knot
May 24, 1998
Sheldon Brown's Photo Album
My grandfather and namesake,
turn-of-the-last-century Washington.
What I like to read.
Links to book reviews in my Journal
My birthplace, the Hub of the Universe.
Carapace Completed Umber
Humorous postings by my evil twin.
Chartres by Kidback
A tour my family made in 1989.
Computer-Net Links
Lots of FAQs for the budding Webmaster.
My Eagle
I'm easily recognized when I'm cycling.
Europe, 1975
I took a lot of photos on my first trip to Europe, here are the best of them. England, Belgium, Turkey, Yugoslavia...
Evil Bicycles
A Satanic conspiracy exposed!
My second favorite country
Frigate Game
A computer game I wish somebody would make
Geomagnetic Booster
April 1, 1998
George Matson Brown
My father
My family, going 'way back to England, Finland, Ireland, Normandy
Gilbert & Sullivan
Some people have hair, I have hats.
Home Base
My browser's start-up screen, with my favorite links
Mostly bicycle-related
Home Page
There's no place like it.
Madalyn Joyce (Brown)(Sargent)
My mother
Polish folk art...a book by my mother, Madalyn Joyce
My Journal
What's going on in my life
Leo Ego
A friend of mine
April Fool
A bit of this, a bit of that
Miscellaneous links
Links, miscellaneous
NEWMorris Dancing
Lilac Sunday 2001
NEWMusic MP3s
Featuring George's new Trombone Concerto.
What I like to sing and listen to, shows I've been in
Music links
Links, music-related
Lots of pictures to look at
Plus Ça Change... c'est la même chose
April 1, 1997
Publick Theatre
I was the original Webmaster and former member of the board of directors of this outdoor theater
Je me souviens
I was the original Webmaster for this musical organization, and often appear on stage in their productions.
NEWSeng & Sreymom's Wedding
My nephew
Spam and Filters
Not that big a deal, once you learn to filter it
NEWThe Slavery War
What was the real cause of the 1861-65 war?
Web Glossary
Not as large as my Bicycle Glossary
Web Sample
An introduction to how Web pages are coded in HTML
Web Tips
Getting the most out of your browser
Joe Young Wheels
Joe builds wheels in New Hampshire
I built his Web site in Massachusetts
NEWYucatan 1980
Photographs from my honeymoon

Sheldon Brown's Photography
Bicycles Bicycle
Gilbert &
1975 1989
France IPIX
Québec Yucatan

Sheldon Brown's Personal Pages

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