The Christmas Revels
El Arte Flamenco
El Arte Flamenco

Roberto Rios, guitar - Director
Fernando de Malaga, vocalist
Faustino Rios, dancer
Isabel Rios, dancer

Roberto Rios

Roberto Rios, a solo guitarist for over thirty years, has appeared with Jose Greco, Omayra Amaya, the Rogelio Rodriguez Spanish Dancers, Gitanerias, the Ram—n de los Reyes Spanish Dance Theatre, and the Ballet Espanol de Clara Ramona, as well as performing with the Houston Pops Orchestra and the Central Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra. Roberto now appears regularly throughout New England with his own group, El Arte Flamenco.

Fernando de Málaga

Fernando de Málaga learned the difficult art of "cante flamenco" in the cafes and concert halls of his native Malaga. Now living in Boston, he is sought after by Spanish dance companies from coast to coast. He has toured North and South America with groups such as the Amaya-Flamenco Sin Limites, Ram—n de los Reyes Spanish Dance Theatre, the Spanish Dance Company of Manolo Vargas of San Francisco, the Rosa Morena Dance Company and the Pila Cuna Flamenco Dance Company.

Isabel Rios

Isabel Rios, daughter of guitarist Roberto Rios, learned the subtleties of her art while growing up as part of the flamenco milieu in South Texas. She began formal classes in flamenco dance at the age of five with Rogelio Rodriguez of Houston, and continued her studies with Luisa Triana, Nana Lorca, Maria Magdalena (Madrid), Clara Ramona, Ramon de los Reyes and Omayra Amaya.

Faustino Rios

Faustino Rios, son of guitarist Roberto Rios and a native of Mexico, was also introduced to flamenco as a child. At the age of ten, Faustino began studying Spanish dance and flamenco with Ramon de los Reyes, and had his on-stage debut with the Ramon de los Reyes Spanish Dance Theatre at the age of fourteen. While continuing his dance training at the High School for the Performing Arts in Houston, Texas, he continued his study of flamenco with Rogelio Rodriguez, Nana Lorca, Luisa Triana and Jose Greco. At the age of seventeen, Mr. Greco invited Faustino to join his company. Since then, Faustino has performed with Jose Greco and Jose Greco II, Maria Benitez, Charo, and the Boston-based companies of Ramon de los Reyes and Omayra Amaya. This appearance with the Christmas Revels represents Faustino's return to the mainland United States following a four-year tour performing internationally with Charo's Flamenco Review.
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