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The Raleigh Record

For most of the '60s and the Bike Boom '70s, the Record was the bottom of Raleigh's drop-bar line. The frame is basically the same as the Sports three speed. It competed with the Schwinn Varsity and later many low-end French models.

It was pretty much all steel, except for the brakes.

From the 1967 catalogue:

1967 Raleigh Record

From the 1968 catalogue:

1968 Raleigh Record

From the 1970 catalogue:

1970 Raleigh Record

From the 1976 catalog:

1976 Raleigh Record

Big changes for 1977: The new Record Limited has cotterless cranks, and Sun Tour derailers. The beginning of the end for the French parts makers.

From the 1977 catalog:

1976 Raleigh Record