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9/16" Pedals from Harris Cyclery

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one piece crankClick here for 1/2" Pedals for One piece Cranksone piece crank

All pedals shown on this page use standard 9/16 x 20 threading. They fit virtually all bikes that have 3-piece or two-piece cranks.

If your bike uses old American-style one-piece cranks, you need the 1/2" x 20 thread size.
Those are listed on our American One Piece Crank page

Some older French bikes used the 14 x 1.25 mm size.
Pedals in that size are extinct, but you can tap the cranks out to fit standard 9/16 x 20 pedals.


Note: All pedals shown on this page are standard 9/16" threading.
They fit adult bicycles with three-piece-cranks

If your bike has one-piece cranks that need 1/2" pedals, either use the Pedal Thread Adaptors shown below, or check our page of Parts for Bikes With One-Piece-Cranks


9/16" to 1/2" Pedal Thread Adaptors buy button

These adaptor bushings (made by the "Kneesaver" people) have a male 1/2"-20 thread to fit into your one-piece crank, and a standard 9/16"-20 female thread that will let you install standard 9/16" pedals, even modern clipless pedals.

These install with a 15mm pedal wrench.

"Kneesaver" Pedal Spacers buy button

These are similar to the adaptors above, except they have standard 9/16"-20 threading on both ends. Some riders with unusual leg structure benefit from a wider pedal tread ("Q factor") and these spacers provide that. Available in 25mm and 30mm widths.
Pedal thread adaptors

Clipless Pedals

Shimano PD-A530 SPD 9/16" pedals PD6500 buy button

A great double-sided pedal for commuting and touring!
Stable, concave platform on one side and SPD Clipless on the other. Cleats included.
Shimano PD-A530 SPD Pedals

Shimano PD-A520 SPD 9/16" pedals PD6484 buy button

These very well made double-sided pedals have better bearings and better overall quality than the knock-offs you'll see elsewhere in this price range. Cleats included.
Shimano PD-A520 SPD Pedals

Shimano PD-M520 SPD 9/16" pedals PD6490buy button

Affordable clipless mountain bike pedals. Cleats included.
Shimano PD-M520 SPD Pedals

Toe-Clippable Pedals

  MKS pedals

MKS Sylvan 9/16" Touring Pedals buy button

These are longish "rat trap" type pedals. Aluminum body, CrMo spindle. A good choice for riders with wide feet.

Bearings can be serviced/adjusted in the traditional manner.

Width from arm = 115 mm Weight = 385 grams/pair.

MKS Stream pedals

MKS 9/16" Sylvan Stream Pedals buy button

These are a cross between the Sylvan Touring & Track pedals.

They feature a "rat trap" type cage that is narrow, like the Sylvan Track, for better clearance when cornering.

Aluminum body, CrMo spindle. A good choice for fixie riders.

Bearings can be serviced/adjusted in the traditional manner.

Width from arm = 89 mm Weight = 348 grams/pair.

MKS 9/16" Sylvan Track Pedals buy button

MKS pedals

This is a knock-off of the classic Campagnolo track pedal. Aluminum body, CrMo spindle. These are very nice, with excellent road clearance. (Track pedals are a minimalist variation on traditional clip-and-strap type pedals, with a cutaway outer portion for better clearance.)

Bearings can be serviced/adjusted in the traditional manner.

Width from arm = 89 mm Weight = 340 grams/pair.

Pedals for Folding/Travel Bikes

MKS AR-2 EZY Quick Release Road Pedals buy button

MKS pedals

Quick Release Version of the AR-2 Road Pedal. Thes have a nifty quick release fitting that works just like a high-pressure compressed-air coupler. When the pedal is removed, the coupler only protrudes 19 mm from the side of the crank. Includes drawstring carrying bag.

(There's some confusion about the model name of these. Supposed to be "AR-2" but the type face used on the pedals makes it unclear whether the first letter is an "A" or an "R".)

Width from arm = 105 mm Weight = 340 grams/pair.
This pedal also available in a Conventional Version

MKS Lambda EZY Superior buy button

MKS pedals

Quick Release Version of the "Grip King" Platform Pedal.

Note: The "EZY Superior" QR system is not compatible with the MKS EZY pedals.

A great upgrade for folder/commuters wearing soft soled shoes.

Width from heel to toe = 118mm Weight = 438 grams/pair.
This pedal also available in a Conventional Version



Christophe Leather Toe Straps buy button

Black, Brown or Red. Made in France

MKS Deep toeclips MKS "Deep" Steel Toe Clips

These are designed for sneakers, work shoes, etc. Made in Japan

TC315 Large         buy button

TC316 X-Large     buy button


MKS Rubber Pedals With Reflectors buy button

MKS pedals

A classic traditional rubber block pedal, with serviceable bearings, Japanese quality. Sturdy and well made, very appropriate replacement for older English 3-speed bikes.
Width from arm = 112 mm Width inside = 96 mm Weight = 720 grams/pair.


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