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In the 1980s, I wrote a regular monthly column in Bicycling magazine, on maintenance and repair, particularly focused on the selection and use of tools. While some of this material is rather dated, much of it isn't. Since some of these articles deal with topics that are not covered in such depth elsewhere in this site, I'm putting them online.

I'm starting with just the text for most of these articles, but hope to scan the photos later, from my original 4X5 negatives.

I've done my best to proofread these articles, but they were scanned from old magazines, and there may be some strange results.

In general, I've tried to resist the temptation to tinker with the texts, except that I've tried to undo some of the changes made by my editor (who believes that it's ok to begin a sentence with a conjunction.) As time goes by, I may do major revisions on some of these articles to bring them more up-to-date.

I've also included some even older articles that originally appeared in Bike World magazine in the 1970s.

[I found the temptation to update some of these articles irresistible, and I've added a new article covering newer types of bottom brackets. -- John Allen]

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September 1978 Hub
Basic hub maintenance and repair.
January 1979 Truing
An essential skill for the compleat cyclist.
June 1982 Adjustable
There's more to a "knucklebuster" than you might think.
July 1982 Nutdrivers Nutdrivers are most common in the electronic industry, but they are very useful for bicycle work too.
August 1982 Cone
Cone wrenches are absolutely necessary if you want to service your hubs.
Jan./Feb 1983 Cottered
Servicing of cottered cranks, with normal household tools.
March 1983 Cotterless
Servicing of cotterless cranks. Selection and use of crank pullers.
May 1983 Bottom Bracket
Cup Tools
Tools for removing bottom bracket cups, both store-bought and home-made.
June 1983 Bottom Bracket
Adjustment Tools
Tools for adjusting bottom brackets.
July 1983 Taps Taps for cutting new screw threads, or repairing damaged ones.
July 2010 Cartridge Bottom Brackets [by John Allen] -- companion article updating Sheldon's bottom bracket articles.

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