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by Sheldon "In Print Too" Brown
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The Adventure Cycling Association

The Adventure Cycling Association, a nonprofit supported by its 40,000 members (as of 2011), develops bicycle touring routes and organizes tours in the USA, and provides a wealth of useful information for bicycle tourists. From 1999 through 2007, Sheldon wrote the column "Mechanical Advantage" for Adventure Cyclist, the Adventure Cycling Association's magazine. The articles are available online, and they are linked here.

-- John Allen

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Sheldon's articles on the Adventure Cycling site

Touring Bike Buying Guide -- March 1999

Sheldon wrote the lead article for this guide. The information on specific bicycles is dated; the general information is timeless.

Getting Ready for the Road -- April, 1999

Spend a little time now and avoid trouble later.

Who Needs Fenders? -- August, 1999

For any bicyclist who rides in wet weather or even only on wet roads, fenders make the difference between misery and relative comfort, and spare the bicycle a lot of wear. Types, compatibility, installation.

Gain Ratios -- November, 1999

Sheldon proposes a new way to describe bicycle gearing.

The Lowdown on Cyclecomputers -- April, 2000

Install yours like a pro.

Headset Revolution -- May 2000

The advent of threadless headsets.

Hands up -- June 2000

Hand and handlebar position for tourists.

The Tale of the Tape -- July 2000

It's a science and an art to wrap the bars.

Leather Forever -- August 2000

The argument for saddles of the traditional kind.

The Sublime Seatpost, Part 1 -- December, 2000

Types of seatposts; choosing a seatpost.

The Sublime Seatpost, Part 2 -- April 2001

How to adjust a seatpost and saddle.

Derailer First Aid -- May 2001

How to adjust a derailer and perform on-road repairs.

Pedal Systems for Touring -- June 2001

Toe clips? clip-in pedals? Adjustment? Where to position the foot?

Cranks and Chainrings for Touring -- August 2001

How to choose, modify and use cranks and chainrings, with special attention to the needs of touring cyclists riding long days and carrying baggage.

Front Derailers for Touring -- January 2002

Front derailleur setup and choice for touring bikes.

A Healthy Chain -- March 2002

Keeping all 465 parts of your chain in working order.

Custom Cassettes -- May 2002

Why settle for stock gearing, when you can easily have exactly what you want?

Frame Materials for the Tourist -- April, 2003

Steel is real, but good design is more important than frame material.

Who Needs Derailers -- July 2003

Is an internal-gear hub suitable for touring? A single-speed?

Hybrid Gearing -- September, 2003

Internal-gear hub? Derailer gears? Why not both?

Hubs, Spokes and Rims: about wheels -- November 2003

Tourists need reliable wheels, not racing wheels and not boutique wheels!

Starting and Stopping -- March 2004

How to get on and get off.

Disc discussion -- May 2004

Should touring bikes have disc brakes?.

The Great Handlebar Question -- September/October 2004

Straight bars, flat bars or, believe it or not, both?

650B lives -- April 2005

A classic touring-wheel size sees a resurgence.

Tire Trade-Offs -- September/October 2005

Tires for touring -- the good, the bad and the knobby.

Brakes for the Touring Cyclist -- April 2007

Sidepull, centerpull, cantilever, direct-pull and disk brakes: advantages and disadvantages, compatibility with frames, fenders, racks.

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An appreciation

Sheldon Brown 1944-2008

An appreciation by John Schubert.

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Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

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