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Henry O'Meara Ballads of America and Other Poems

The poet, journalist and orator Henry O'Meara (1848-1904) was my great-grandfather. I scanned and formatted his book of poems for the Web.


I'm an all-American mutt, roughly equal parts Black Irish, Scandinavian and English/Yankee ancestry. I've put together a fairly extensive genealogy site, going 'way back to England, Finland, Ireland, Normandy

Anders Junnila/Andrew Brown

My Great-grandfather came from Finland, and sailed around the world for ten years before landing at San Francisco and settling in Oregon Territory. He changed his name to Andrew Brown when he immigrated. He kept a journal of his seafaring years, 1859-69, and I've put it on the Web.

Sheldon Brown's Photo Album

My grandfather and namesake kept a small photo album, and I've scanned some of the photos, mostly from Washington state, before the First World War.

George Matson Brown

My father died when I was 9, but he was a pretty cool guy.

Madalyn Joyce (Brown)(Sargent)

My mother was an artist, antique dealer, librarian. She wrote a book on Wycinanki a Polish folk art of decorative paper cutting

My Home Page

There's no place like it.

Harriet Fell

My wife is a brilliant mathematician and computer scientist, a demon cyclist, and a wonderful wife and mother. She has a very popular Web page about her adventure riding the 1975 Paris-Brest-Paris

Tova Helen Fell Brown

My daughter is an amazing actress, a superb singer (alto-jazz and classical) with major talent in mathematics and physics. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz in math and is now a graduate student in mathematics at M.I.T., on leave to Berkeley.

George Martin Fell Brown

My son is a talented mathematician, trombonist (jazz and classical) and composer. He also plays baritone horn, piano, and is very active in Scouting. He graduated from Brandeis in 2005 with a dual major, Math and Music. He is now in grad school in mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Arlene Eskilson

My sister Arlene Eskilson is former chair of Sociology at Lake Forest College, currently an antiques dealer and avid gardener.of plants and pugs.

Mel Zellman

My brother-in-law Mel Zellman is a retired "classical music disk jockey" (his words) for WFMT in Chicago.

Christine Eskilson

My niece is a mystery writer and attorney for OSHA, living in Boston.

Stephen Eskilson

My nephew is a professor of art history, and a summer sailor.

Marget Sands

My sister-in-law, Marget Sands, is a retired English professor and equestrian and lives with my brother in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Richard Junnila Brown

My brother is an artist, diplomat and generally wonderful human being. He has three ex-wives and an extended family of loving children, step-children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren, and including a Cambodian foster-son, Seng Ty and his family. Richard’s biological children are:

Michele Ballinger

Michele is a legal secretary working in Washington, D.C. and living in Point of Rocks, MD, close to Michele’s adult son, Sterling Ballinger, and daughter, Nicole Johnson and her children, Reilly and Jamera.

Sonia Kane

Sonia is an aeronautical engineer and artist, living in Raleigh, NC. With her husband, Matthew Kane, and close to her adult children, Ryan, Connor, and Colleen, who have all studied abroad and speak Spanish.

Andrea Brown

Andrea is an artist/designer, living in Boston with her husband, Craig White, and children, Evan and Arran. They travel the world.

Bethany Brown

Bethany is an occupational therapist, living in Kailua, Hawaii,, with her husband, Chad Linebaugh, and children, Miles and Macey. All surfers.

Noelle Rizer

Noelle is an elementary school teacher, living in Salt Lake City with her husband, Ray Rizer, and close to her children, Kali and Collin, and Richard’s foster-daughter, Joia. No, they are not Mormons.

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