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Headlamps for use with Hub Generators

(These units feature built-in on/off switches)

Busch & Müller


Lumotec IQ-X and IQ-XS
Lumotec IQ-X Lumotec IQ-X
Lumotec IQ-X

Lumotec IQ-X Lumotec IQ-X

This is the brightest dynamo powered bicycle headlight at 100 lux. The new optical system produces a smoother distribution of light on the road than any other headlight.
The housing is anodized aluminum and acts as the heat sink for the LED. IQ-X Features:

Available in either silver anodized or black anodized finish. The IQ-X has a standlight, as well as daytime running lights. Automatic switching between daytime and nighttime modes. The Senso/Off pushbutton switch is at the back of the IQ-X, surrounded by a glowing blue ring. The IQ-X always provides the ideal headlight beam; straight ahead in daylight so that oncoming car drivers are alerted to your presence, changing over at dusk to a beam optimized for illuminating the road surface ahead, but still providing high visibility to oncoming drivers.

The IQ-X ships with its own highly adjustable mount, and is compatible with other Busch & Müller headlight mounts. For most applications the included mount will work. For bikes with limited clearance under the bottom headset cup or with cantilever brakes, use either the CYO or Thorn mount listed on the Light Mounts page.

Lumotec IQ-X   buy button

Lumotec IQ-XS  buy button

New for 2018. The new IQ-XS has similar styling to the IQ-X with a machined and anodized aluminum housing. Unlike the IQ-X the IQ-XS cannot be mounted upside-down.

Available in either black or silver anodized finishes. It has daytime running light, and automatically switches between daytime and nighttime modes. 70 lux.


Luxos IQ2 "U"

Lumotec IQ CYO RT   

LED bicycle generator headlight with USB charge port

New for 2013, the Luxos headlights have a new optical system, IQ2, which provides an even wider beam than the IQ system, and it's brighter too, at 70 or 90 lux. Luxos lights also have B+M's "Licht 24" system of daytime running lights.

The Luxos U is the "deluxe" version. It has innovative new technology that senses rider speed and adjusts light output accordingly, always providing an optimal beam pattern for a given speed. No other light available that is this "intelligent".

The Luxos U incorporates a handlebar mounted switch incorporating a USB outlet for charging USB devices. It also has a cache battery for those devices that might switch off if the dynamo's voltage drops, like when standing at a stop light.

Luxos U Features:

  • 70 or 90 Lux (brightness of the beam at a standard distance)
  • Handlebar mounted switch with USB charge port
  • Licht 24 - Daytime Running Lights
  • Automatic Sensor Switching
  • Standlight
  • Cable Conduit for mount
  • Torx T20 fixing bolt for mount (includes T20 wrench)

Wiring for the headlight to the hub is included.

LT1340 Luxos IQ2 U   buy button


Luxos IQ2 "B"

Lumotec IQ2 U   

LED bicycle generator headlight

New for 2013, the Luxos headlights have a new optical system, IQ2, which provides an even wider beam than the IQ system, and it's brighter too, at 70 lux. The Luxos B is the "economy" version.

It does not include the USB charge port.

Luxos B Features:

  • 70 Lux (brightness of the beam at a standard distance)
  • Licht 24 - Daytime Running Lights
  • Automatic Sensor Switching
  • Standlight
  • Cable Conduit for mount
  • Torx T20 fixing bolt for mount (includes T20 wrench)

Wiring for the headlight to the hub is included.

LT1339 Luxos IQ2 B   buy button


Lumotec Eyc LED Headlight

Lumotec Eyc

LED bicycle generator headlight

The impressive new Eyc (rhymes with "bike", of course) headlights from Busch+Müller are super compact, light, and affordable. They use the new Lumotec "IQ2" reflector technology to throw a beam that is similar to the original Schmidt eDelux light (which was state of the art for lighting just a year or so ago) at less than half the price.

The asymmetrical beam puts the light on the road where it is needed, and not in the eyes on oncoming riders, pedestrians, or motorists.

The Eyc is plenty bright for spirited riding on dark roads.

Two models are available:

- The Eyc N Plus has a simple on/off switch and a stand light that shines when you stop (like at a stop light). It glows for several minutes and is a significant safety feature.

- The Eyc T Senso Plus is the more expensive model which has an on/off switch with an incorporated light level sensor and daytime running lights. When it is "on" in bright light, LED's glow to make you more visible (think "be seen" lights). When the light level is low, the main LED automatically comes on for greater illumination for navigating ("to see" lighting).

Lumotec Eyc Series  buy button


Lumotec IQ CYO Premium T Senso Plus

Lumotec IQ CYO Premium

LED bicycle generator headlight

New for 2013, Busch + Muller has a new CYO Premium series with a brighter and broader beam than the previous models. In addition to upgraded optics, the new light has an improved 2-positon Off/Senso switch. When off, it's off. In Senso mode during daylight, the LED running lights are on. In Senso mode at night, the daytime LED's dim and the main light illuminates the road. Near field illumination is much improved over the previous model as well.

  • 80 lux output
  • Includes fork crown mount bracket and wire cover
  • Lens has built-in reflector

LT1342 IQ CYO Premium T Senso Plusbuy button
With black housing.

vertical space
vertical space


Lumotec Classic HL Series

Lumotec IQ CYO Premium

LED bicycle generator headlight

The Lumotec Classic is styled much like the dynamo headlights of the 1950s. But the internals are all modern, using the LED, optical system and electronics of the Lumotec Lyt headlights. As with the other B&M headlights, it's available in several versions. We stock the version with Standlight technology and the Senso Plus. The LED remains lit, at a lower intensity for several minutes after you stop, say at a traffic light.

The Daytime Running Lights (aka Licht 24) on the Senso Plus model run when the ambient light level is high. This added safety feature enhances visibility during the day.

LT1338 HL Classic N Plus headlight with Standlight buy button

LT13381 HL Classic T Senso Plus headlight with Daytime Running Lights buy button


Schmidt Edelux II Headlight   buy button

Schmidt Edelux II Headlight

Super bright LED.

Hand made by Wilfried Schmidt, it is compatible with 6 volt dynamos from Shimano, SRAM and the SON by Schmidt.

The new Edelux II "raises the beam" for dynamo headlights. The beam is wider, more even, and no longer is there a dark near field area (directly in front of the bike).

The beam is asymmetric (like an automotive low beam) and concentrates the light on the road where it is needed most. Glare for oncoming riders and drivers is reduced. For added safety, a stand light glows for several minutes when the rider stops.

The Edelux II has a three position switch (on/senso/off). In senso mode it will automatically come on in low light (like a tunnel or deep shadows) for safety. The glass lens has a non-glare coating for maximum efficiency and durability. The housing is completely sealed against moisture.

We stock it with a 140 cm wire and bare wire ends. We include loose 4.8mm spade connectors (for Schmidt hubs) at no charge or install them at a specified length for $8 (make a note in the comment field at checkout for this service).

Features include:

  • 140cm wire with loose spade connectors included. We can cut cable to length and install connectors for a $8 additional charge if you prefer (see note above). Make note that this may delay shipment by 24hrs, but generally will not.
  • 80 lux output - SUPER BRIGHT!
  • Standlight
  • On/Off and Senso mode (3-position switch)
  • Aluminium casing and copper heat sink for dissipation of head from the LED
  • Can be used with, or without, a tail light.
  • Available in Black, Silver or polished aluminium
  • Weight: 85g.

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