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How the Harris Cyclery Site is Organized
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by Sheldon "A Place For Everything And Everything Someplace" Brown
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This is an unusually large Web site, and there is a lot to see here.
There are close to 200 separate articles, some of them many pages long.
All of the pages are tightly connected to one another by the use of a great many hyperlinks.
There are very few decorative graphics, but lots of photos and drawings for illustrative purposes. If you like fancy graphics and animations, I'd suggest you turn on your television, particularly during ads for beer or'll see stuff that makes anything on the Web look like pencil sketches by comparision.

There are four different types of pages that make up this site:

Articles The articles are mostly written by me, and most of them are technical "how-to" articles or contain reference information on hardware.
There are also articles on touring and other aspects of cycling, by me and by guest authors.
Directories There are so many articles that I created multiple directories, organized by topic.
These directories list not only articles on this site, but also relevant links.
The yellow grid at the bottom of the page will take you to these directories.
Commercial pages The commercial pages highlight products that we sell. We don't list everything we sell on the site, but focus on specific items that I personally like, or that may be hard to find at your local bike shop.
We ship parts and accessories all over the world! The white grid takes you to the commercial pages.
Personal pages I have a totally free hand with this site, and I have also put up material of a personal nature. If you share some of my interests and avocations, you may find some useful or amusing things in these pages.
The beige grid at the bottom of the page will take you to these directories.

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For speedy navigation, there's a fast-loading "Hub" page
accessible by clicking on the Harris Cyclery Logo at the top of most pages.

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Some Highlights of This Site:

Bicycle Glossary

A very large document, spread over 21 files, plus another 4 files of indices. Over 1 1/2 megabytes, not counting the illustrations.

Like the rest of this site, it is extensively hyperlinked, and all of the other articles have links to the Glossary.


Calibration, Installation and Troubleshooting.


Cycling in France, French/English cycling dictionary.

Home Base

A series of very compact pages of links, organized by topic.

Web Tips

A series of pages that share some of what I've learned about accessing and publishing on the Web, including HTML samples and a Web Glossary

Hard-to-find parts:

We stock and sell hard-to-find parts. Some of our specialties include:

Parts for English 3-speed Bikes Parts for Fixed-gear Bikes Parts for Older French Bikes

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Articles by Sheldon Brown and Others

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