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A Review of the Mobius Action Camera
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by John "Do the Half-Twist" Allen
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I bought a Mobius M800 action camera shortly after it was first marketed, in 2013. The review site rated it well. The camera had excellent features for that time, and at a very moderate cost. This camera is still being sold as of 2018 and is valued for some of its features, particularly its unusually light weight, small size, low price and focusable lens. New versions, the Mobius 2, Mobius Maxi and Mobius Mini have been released. Their features are similar other than the ability to record at higher resolutions.

Mobius M800 action camera

I would consider using this camera on my bicycle in always-on dashcam mode -- with an external power pack -- if I could get it to work again. But only on dry days...



The kicker:

I used my first Mobius M800 camera for about a year, until it quit: the yellow indicator light flashed, no matter what, and the camera would not record. I bought a second Mobius camera. After a few months, it developed increasing problems. Color rendering got weird (very blue during the first 30 seconds of recording); there were gaps between clips. Then that camera quit too.

I may try to revive the camera. Various fixes have been suggested online. Stay tuned.

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Techmoan review--

Here is's video review, which covers the camera's features thoroughly, but does not address the reliability issues.

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