Remembering Sheldon

“The bicycle on the cover was produced on the Management Graphics Table Top Slidemaking System at Crimson Camera Technical Sales in Boston.  A bicycle enthusiast created the image using the tablet menu and cursor tracker.  The bicycle is made up of 99 vectors, 20 circles, and 5 ellipses.  This simple graphic was created to illustrate to customers what 4000-line resolution looks like.”

The “bicycle enthusiast” was Sheldon Brown who worked for a short time at Crimson Camera.  Sheldon died eight years ago today.
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  1. Molothew Holden says:

    Sheldon was the primary reason cycling became a part of my life. He has taught me much more than an encyclopedia-level of knowledge, but to defy convention and be creative; something that no other person [I’ve met] had. My (and others’) lives wouldn’t be different without Sheldon’s dedication for the cycling community, and we miss him dearly.

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