Remembering Sheldon

“The bicycle on the cover was produced on the Management Graphics Table Top Slidemaking System at Crimson Camera Technical Sales in Boston.  A bicycle enthusiast created the image using the tablet menu and cursor tracker.  The bicycle is made up of 99 vectors, 20 circles, and 5 ellipses.  This simple graphic was created to illustrate to customers what 4000-line resolution looks like.”

The “bicycle enthusiast” was Sheldon Brown who worked for a short time at Crimson Camera.  Sheldon died eight years ago today.
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2 Responses to Remembering Sheldon

  1. Molothew Holden says:

    Sheldon was the primary reason cycling became a part of my life. He has taught me much more than an encyclopedia-level of knowledge, but to defy convention and be creative; something that no other person [I’ve met] had. My (and others’) lives wouldn’t be different without Sheldon’s dedication for the cycling community, and we miss him dearly.

  2. Lloyd says:

    I’ve only just discovered the phenomenal resource of Sheldon Brown as I just got into cycling after a 30 year hiatus. So many forum posts link to something on this site. Curious I wanted to find out more about the man himself and am deeply saddened to hear he died back in 2008. An obvious loss to the cycling community, but of course an even greater one to his family.

    Thank you for keeping this site going – the information on it is outstanding to people like me getting back into cycling in a serious way.

    Thank you!

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