Selling Bicycles and Components

We have expanded our article for individuals selling bicycles and components — which also holds advice for buyers. There is a new section about shipping. This article holds all the basic information you need on where to post an advertisement and how to create it — how to take good photos of the bicycle, and measurements so the buyer will be able to determine whether the bicycle fits.

Measuring seat-tube length

Measuring seat-tube length -top

Measuring set tube length,starts at the center of the BB spindle

Measuring set tube length starts at the center of the BB spindle

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Synchronizing Audio and Video technical writer and editor John Allen frequently shoots video from his bicycle using more than one camera; sometimes a separate audio recorder. The output must be synchronized in post production. John has now performed a major update on his article about how to keep the recordings in sync, going so far as creating true surround sound without a surround recorder.

Hand clap to synchronize video and audio

Change speed dialog box in the Audacity audio editor.

Change Speed dialog box in the Audacity audio editor.

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Braking News

We have updated our page about the different types of bicycle brakes, which added descriptions and several photos illustrating the different types.


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Additions to cranks page

John has added quite a bit of text to the cranks page; more about crank length, and an entirely new section on how to check for several kinds of damage; also several illustrations where there were none before.

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Gear calculator updated

The Gear Calculator has been updated with new Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo cassettes, and the new Shimano Steps 5-speed internal-gear hub for E-bikes. French and German versions of the Calculator have been updated too.

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Revised article on truing wheels

We have a major revision to our article on truing wheels, referring to some new tools and additional techniques. There are several new photos. Enjoy.

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Addition to post about 360-degree video

Thanks to Philip Carlson, our article about 360-degree video now includes a video clip illustrating the nighttime performance of the Garmin VIRB 360 camera. As expected, there is camera-motion blur, but it looks much different from that with a conventional camera.

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Rebuilding freewheels

We have a much expanded description of how to rebuild a freewheel, now a new article and no longer just a paragraph in our main article on freewheels.

Using two chain whips to remove the outer sprocket

Using two chain whips to remove the outer sprocket

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Revisions to Sachs/SRAM Internal-gear hub pages

Every once in a while we go back and review our pages to deal with product changes and link rot. We just did that with all our pages about Sachs and SRAM internal-gear hubs. You will find product manuals here which are hard to find anywhere else. You can start with our main page about these hubs.

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Deinterlacing video

We have many pages about shooting, editing and processing bicycle video. Here’s a new page about deinterlacing. What is that? well, the page will tell you. It can do a lot to improve the quality of older standard-definition video footage, and especially, footage shot with a camera in motion. Deinterlacing cleans up the image and doubles the frame rate for smooth motion. Here is a deinterlaced video running at 60 frames per second. If your Internet connection supports the 60 per second frame rate without skipping frames, this is going to look super-smooth. Click on the title and expand the image for best results.

Shining Sea Path at Ter Heun Road from John Allen on Vimeo.

What is this video about? Two cyclists cross Ter Heun road on the Shining Sea Rail Trail in Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA. The crossing is close to an intersection and has a gate in an attempt to slow cyclists down, and a sign instructing cyclists to walk their bicycles — which may be preferable for a person with poor bicycle handling skills but is slower than riding, and so increases the likelihood of being caught by surprise as the traffic situation changes. More about this intersection is at

The video here is formatted at 60 frames per second. A display which runs at that speed or a multiple will show smooth motion. I’m getting that result when viewing the video on vimeo, though not with the video embedded in thsi page.

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