Revisions to Sachs/SRAM Internal-gear hub pages

Every once in a while we go back and review our pages to deal with product changes and link rot. We just did that with all our pages about Sachs and SRAM internal-gear hubs. You will find product manuals here which are hard to find anywhere else. You can start with our main page about these hubs.

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2 Responses to Revisions to Sachs/SRAM Internal-gear hub pages

  1. Casey Bowman says:

    I’m looking for a 48 hole 7 speed cassette to replace the rear one on my Giant Stiletto chopper.

    • John says:

      That would be hard to find these days. If you can find a 48-hole 8-10 speed hub, you can upgrade the cassette and shifter, though this requires spreading the dropouts. That is possible if the frame is steel.

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