Deinterlacing video

We have many pages about shooting, editing and processing bicycle video. Here’s a new page about deinterlacing. What is that? well, the page will tell you. It can do a lot to improve the quality of older standard-definition video footage, and especially, footage shot with a camera in motion. Deinterlacing cleans up the image and doubles the frame rate for smooth motion. Here is a deinterlaced video running at 60 frames per second. If your Internet connection supports the 60 per second frame rate without skipping frames, this is going to look super-smooth. Click on the title and expand the image for best results.

Shining Sea Path at Ter Heun Road from John Allen on Vimeo.

What is this video about? Two cyclists cross Ter Heun road on the Shining Sea Rail Trail in Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA. The crossing is close to an intersection and has a gate in an attempt to slow cyclists down, and a sign instructing cyclists to walk their bicycles — which may be preferable for a person with poor bicycle handling skills but is slower than riding, and so increases the likelihood of being caught by surprise as the traffic situation changes. More about this intersection is at

The video here is formatted at 60 frames per second. A display which runs at that speed or a multiple will show smooth motion. I’m getting that result when viewing the video on vimeo, though not with the video embedded in thsi page.

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