It’s been five years…

February 4, 2013 marks the 5th anniversary of the passing of Sheldon Brown, founder of and still the author of most material on the site.

As a friend of Sheldon’s once said, “After they made him, they threw away the mold.” He was unique in his knowledge of bicycles, his ability to put that information clearly into writing, his willingness to share, and his sense of humor.

We mourn his loss, and miss him.

We continue to do our best to expand and update the site, though we regret that we can never match his style!

John Allen and Harriet Fell

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19 Responses to It’s been five years…

  1. carlos gaspar says:

    we miss him on and off the bike.

    • Bruce Robertson says:

      After may years I still find my self referring to these pages. Thank you for keeping them current.

  2. Mike Owen says:

    didn’t realise it was 5 years, came on here today looking for information about rim sizes… just goes to show that ewhat he strarted is still needed. Thank you Sheldon.

  3. Mike Dimmock says:

    To be honest I don’t know what I would do without Sheldon’s web site. I has saved me from making many a mistake in the past, and no doubt in the future. I get the feeling he is looking over my shoulder sometimes when I am working on my bikes ( I have toooo many, my wife says ). Glad I found this site many many years ago. The only source you need for all things bicycle. My only regret is I never met Sheldon in person. One in a million.

  4. Gary says:

    It’s hard to believe he’s been gone that long and I’ve been using these articles that he wrote for even longer. Quite a legacy he has, and a great friend and wife to have kept it going.

    Note: There’s a typo in the article, 1013 = 2013

    R.I.P. Sheldon, and thanks, AGAIN, for teaching me something new every time I google for bicycle related information!!

  5. Graham says:

    I think I started using the site with a 28K dial up modem. I would like to add my thoughts for you after these five years. I would also like to add my thanks for not only keeping the site up, but also keeping it up to date as well. Well done!

  6. Gary Taylor says:

    I didn’t know Sheldon is no longer with us. I have been using this site for several years. What a great legacy this is.

    • Jman says:

      Didn’t know also, what a great guy! Hope his family, sons and legacy is ok, this website is awesome and almost a human contribution.


  7. Martin Borsje says:

    Just was on a business trip, coming from the Netherlands.

    Just had to visit Harris Cyclery as Sheldon’s information and humor have always been an inspiration for me.

    Felt like a quest; I could feel Sheldon’s presence. Sorry for not being in Boston area six years before.

    Great work to keep his website alive and updated!

    Get cycling on a level par with the Netherlands!

  8. John Hunt says:

    Sheldon was an utter legend. Period.

  9. Steve Garskof says:

    Sheldon indeed left a legacy… you guys are doing an amazing job of preserving it, and, adding up-to-date content. Thank you for that. Ride on, Sheldon!

  10. Michael Cummings says:

    I remember asking for advice years ago.
    Sheldon gladly answered my questions, and follow up questions, and all the questions after that.

    His knowledge and warmth were shining bright, even in emails. I never met him aside from the emails, and I miss him greatly.

    Thank you guys for keeping the site up to date!

  11. Scott Mills says:

    I have a couple email exchanges with Sheldon where he helped me. I read the information he posted. I shared what he taught me. I miss him as much as you can miss someone you never met. I hope to be half the cycling advocate and nice guy that he was.

  12. David Morgan says:

    His advice wit, and wisdom are still valued and treasured! I was ambivalent about his web pages being altered after his death but now believe with absolute certainty he would love to see his advice and info growing and remaining relevant for all time to come.

    • John says:

      Thanks. We do the best we can. For the site to continue to be useful, we do have to cover new topics and expand older articles. We hope that the site continues to provide practical and cost-saving advice, with a touch of humor now and then!

  13. Don says:

    This is my first time to the website. I just wanted to find out about a bottom bracket. I was drawn in to read more and more about bicycles and then about Sheldon. Then I saw the memorial link and discovered he had passed. I’ve been surfing this for an hour. It’s amazing. He was amazing. What a legacy and inspiration for others to be more like him!

  14. Nic Lim says:

    I’m a new cyclist and I’m always watching youtubes, reading articles and asking around for anything bicycle related. This website was very frequently quoted in various forums as the go-to place for information. Just like the comment by Don, I came here to find out about the cause of some noise from my bike, and somehow ended up reading half of the website.

    Quite frankly, I was amazed by the depth of Sheldon Brown’s encyclopedic knowledge. It’s the combination of experience, technical knowledge, product knowledge and is disseminated in an understandable way. Some of his articles also took me for a historic ride! Wonderful to know how far technology has progressed.

    I’ve also read some of his articles which are more personal in nature and his passion for bicycles is wonderful. It must be a big blow to him to sell off some of his bicycles towards the end, having cared and cycled on them all those years. He’s able to find humour in his situation, and kept cycling on recumbent – that’s a man who lives life to the fullest and indeed, a man to respect!

    We really do appreciate that the website is being maintained and updated despite his passing. Thank you all for the hard work. I hope in years to come, I will still be able to open this website to find that little bit of evasive info that most people wouldn’t know.

  15. jay says:

    only within the past year have i discovered this site. it’s been a real boon to my resurged interest in cycling. i never open the page, see the Man, and don’t smile. he must have been golden.

  16. Will Eichenberger says:

    As a cycling nooby gleaning info from the internet, I kept seeing great information from these fellows Sheldon Brown and John Allen. I became curious about you guys and visited your Website. I was sad to learn of Shedon’s passing but gladdened to find his and your works living on here. I was compelled to write and Thank You and Harriet for sharing your wonderful experience and knowledge with all of us out here. I dare say you have, and continue to make the World a better place, and for others you may never know. You are truly Awesome. Sincerest thanks to You and all who help. w

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