Sheldon’s desktop images

We present a collection of images of bicycles and parts that Sheldon felt “some folks might find fun to use as a screensaver”. They might be used for desktop images. The images are all 1024 x 768 pixels, horizontal orientation. Sheldon put a 2008 copyright on this page so it is one of the last things he created before his untimely death on February 4, 2008. Though these images have been available since 2008, we only stumbled across them recently and there were no links to them on the site until now.

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2 Responses to Sheldon’s desktop images

  1. John Del Vecchio says:

    Catalog pages missing….

    I went to look up my two ’94 bridgestones in the catalog your website… The MB1 was there all right, but not my XO2! (nor the XO1). Fyi

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