Anniversaire de Sheldon

Sheldon would have been 73 years old on July 14, 2018. And, yes, also, it’s Bastille Day. Vive la France !

Sheldon in French Foreign Legion képi

Sheldon in French Foreign Legion képi

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1 Response to Anniversaire de Sheldon

  1. Yohann M says:

    For a few years after Sheldon passed, I used to ride his ‘Water Row’ route in honour of him. I read somewhere that it was one of his favourite rides. I remember it being a lovely ride.

    I’ve since moved away (to the other side of the country), but I remain indebted to Sheldon for his website. It helped me work on my own bikes and also made me appreciate my bikes as transportation – not just for exercise.

    While I cannot ride ‘Water Row’ in his honour this year, I’ll head out on my bike knowing that it runs smoothly in part because of his generosity in sharing his knowledge about bikes.

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