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Sturmey-Archer Pages Updated

Major update to the Sturmey-Archer pages: * fixed links which S-A broke by redoing its Web site (that’s everything about current hubs). * updated the list of hubs. * Added new technical information. Our cribsheet of hub model names and … Continue reading

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ShelBroCo Dent Removal System

A prized, classic steel bicycle frame with butted tubing (thick-walled at the ends for strength, thin-walled in the middle for light weight)  is easily dented, but ShelBroCo has a fix — it’s quick, effective and easy to use! http://sheldonbrown.com/dent-removal.html

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Shimano Internal-Gear Hubs

John has made major updates to the pages on Shimano Nexus and Alfine internal-gear hubs — 3-speed, 7-speed and 8-speed; also a page with general mechanical information.

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Assembly of Shimano 7-speed Hub Axle Unit

Shimano’s service instructions for the Nexus 7-speed internal-gear hub assume that you will replace the entire axle unit. Taking disassembly past the point where instructions are available is all too easy. You might also want to cannibalize parts to assemble … Continue reading


Internal gear theory

John has posted his article on internal-gear hub theory, history and some practical advice. This article describes the internal workings of all the newest hubs including those with compound and multi-stage gearing.

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Flats photos

John added photos of a frame pump, mini pump and CO2 inflator to flats.html.

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John Allen’s updates to the site 12/2010-3/2011

March 13-22-25 headsets.html – major updates including instructions on adjustment of threaded headsets; added exploded diagrams; resized photos and added a photo of a “brinelled” bearing race. More to come — photos of disassembly/reassembly. March 12 velos.html — added comments … Continue reading