ShelBroCo new product

Check it out! The honored tradition of ShelBroCo products lives on!

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2 Responses to ShelBroCo new product

  1. Tony says:

    Great to see that ShellBroCo tradition is alive. I was gloomily thinking April 1 was not the same without the next Nanodrive 2 or the Black FasterCard to look forward to. But now all is right with the world again. And what better way than to go one up on a 4×4 ?


  2. Adam Pearce says:

    I couldn’t find a contact email so I’m posting this here for Harriet and John. I just wanted to thank you both for keeping Sheldon’s site up and cared for.

    I found a 1969 Raleigh Superbe curb-side last month and I’ve spent some time building it back into a road-worthy machine. This would not have been possible without your efforts. You can find a link to the restoration project below.

    Thank you again so much.

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