John Allen’s updates to the site 12/2010-3/2011

March 13-22-25
headsets.html – major updates including instructions on adjustment of threaded headsets; added exploded diagrams; resized photos and added a photo of a “brinelled” bearing race. More to come — photos of disassembly/reassembly.

March 12
velos.html — added comments in favor of the Peugeot UO-8 frame.

March 11
tooltips/cartridge.html — added information about Velo Orange French-threaded bottom bracket.

February 18
raleigh26.html Minor update (fixed formatting of a list, and one spelling error)
home-drop.html — noted unavailability of commercial drop bolts, pointed to my own implementation, ran a spell check.

January 1
saddles.html — added information on saddle width. tire pressure and width, and suspension seatposts.

December 28
gears/index.html, gears/internal.html, braquets/index.html — I put the new Sturmey-Archer S2 into the calculators. SA used the same model number for a different hub in 1966.

December 27

December 26
speeds.html — added information about SRAM 10-speed systems
k7.html — added information on 9 of 10 on 7
k7-7.shtml — updated to indicate cassettes now no longer available
gearing/index.html — added links to more pages about gearing

December 25

seatpost-sizes.html and seatpost-sizes-m-z.html,: major updates and added encoded link to the Webmasters’ new e-mail address.

December 24
brakes.html — updated to provide a guide to the other brakes pages.

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6 Responses to John Allen’s updates to the site 12/2010-3/2011

  1. Cyclo650B says:

    Links are bad, they are relative to this page. I suppose you should prefix all the link with a slash (/) to fix the problem.
    Thanks for the updates, by the way!

  2. John says:

    Fixed. Thanks. The problem occurred due to all the added folder levels when we went over to descriptive URLs for the posts.

  3. Tom Strom says:

    Have there been any recent changes to Shimano’s freehub cross-compatibility? I’ve heard that XTR and HF08’s use a larger body?

    • John says:

      Some of the newer cassette bodies attach differently to the Freehub. The splines are the same except for Dura-Ace with aluminum bodies, as described on the site. You need to use a spacer behind the cassette with some combinations (4.5 mm for 7-speed on8/9/10-speed bodies, 1 mm for 10-speed on 8 or 9-speed bodies).

  4. Tom Strom says:

    Hello John!

    Yesterday I converted a 145mm 8-speed Tandem wheel to 135mm 7-speed with the help of Sheldon’s information! I didn’t want to “dish” the wheel and make it weaker, so I installed the older 7-speed freewheel on one side and removed 5mm from the other side. This is where I ran into a problem not covered on any site that I could find: 7-speed freehub bodies don’t actually fit 8-speed freehubs, though the reverse is true. The source of this lack of internet knowledge appears to be that “everyone” wants to “upgrade” to eight.

    I didn’t take pictures, but you obviously have the parts if pictures are needed. 8-speed freehub bodies have a chamfer on the side of the hub flange. 8-speed hubs have a matching chamfer in the recess. The non-chamferred edge of a 7-speed freehub body will contact the hub here.

    I’ve seen on the net that some “clydes” have discussed the possibility of 7-speed backwards conversion, but none have followed through. I don’t want to get into how I “clearenced” the hub, but I will say that this should obviously be done on a lathe!

    This could be good information for an update “why backwards doesn’t work” using freehub photos you already have.

  5. Tom Strom says:

    Sorry, I accidently said “freewheel” at one point where I meant to say “freehub body”.

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