A reader’s video shows what it’s all about

A reader has posted a very nicely-produced short video about upgrading of an older steel-frame bike. This kind of project is exactly what sheldonbrown.com is about.


The bicycle already has endured some 30 years, and it will probably still be running long after today’s top-of-the-line carbon fiber bicycles have splintered.

The rebuilder’s tools and technique clearly also went through an upgrade. A hammer, punch and drilled clock of wood are used to break the old chain; a proper chain tool to install the new one. There is less and less use of adjustable wrenches as the video progresses.

There’s some riding on the sidewalk near the end of the video, next to a wall with doors in it. Suggested follow-up upgrade: a reading of my Bicycling Street Smarts!

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1 Response to A reader’s video shows what it’s all about

  1. Lou says:

    Looks like the chain tool was just for show as it was positioned to remove the link pin rather than install it.

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