Repair of Shimano STI Drop-Bar Brake/Shift Levers

These levers no longer index properly when the grease inside gums up — and the internals are very complicated. John Allen has posted an article describing several approaches to repair of these levers, and with a link to an expert in rebuilding them.

Repair of Shimano STI Drop-Bar Brake/Shift Levers

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6 Responses to Repair of Shimano STI Drop-Bar Brake/Shift Levers

  1. Michael J. Kinney says:

    I have a set of ST-A140 levers that do not work: Right lever- the big lever moves but does not index through the shift setting . The return lever moves but again does not index. I partially disassembled the unit to include removing the hood to reveal the inner components, thoroughly cleaned the assembly using WD-40 as a solvent and triflo as a lubricant, to no avail. reassembled the unit and observed no change/improvement. Do You Have the repair parts to rehab the unit (if needed).
    Left lever- same symptoms as right lever, but I did not work on it. Please notify me of repair details, cost, shipping,etc. Thank You, Mike Kinney

    • John says:

      I compliment you on taking on this challenging task, but it’s best outsourced to the wizard. If the levers are ones which Jim McVey works on, send them to him as I describe in the article and you’ll get them back in good working order, at a very moderate cost. He also sells levers. If your levers aren’t ones he works on, your best bet is probably to get new ones. Unfortunately, all of these Shimano levers are very complicated. Shimano’s 9-speed and up levers are so unreliable the McVey won’t work on them. I much prefer bar-end shifters so I don’t have to deal with all this (and so I can tell what gear the bike is in by the position of the lever), but one of my bikes came with STI shifters, and McVey has kept them working. — John Allen

      • Michael J. Kinney says:

        The article does not contain an address or other details on how to finalize the arrangement to accomplish the repairs. How and when do I pay? Do I include shipping costs, etc.

  2. Michael J. Kinney says:

    Your article does not contain information where I can send the shifters. I need an address and other information necessary to get them to him and back, i.e., how and when do I pay for them and anything else he may need to do the repairs and get them back to me (shipping charges?)

  3. John says:

    E-mail Jim McVey or message him on Facebook or eBay and he will send you information on what to do. The contact information is in the article. Perhaps you don’t understand: he doesn’t work with or for us. We have only recommended his services.

  4. Michael J. Kinney says:

    I Know that. I just assumed that I could get directly in touch with him through you. Sorry about that.

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