Kryptonite history

Just posted — an article on the invention and early history of the Kryptonite bicycle lock — including numerous illustrations, and interviews with Stan Kaplan, the inventor, and Michael Zane, who commercialized the product.

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One Response to Kryptonite history

  1. Andy M-S says:


    Anyway, I had one of the third-generation Kryptonites. They said it was the best lock on the market, and for as big and clumsy as it was (and it was) it worked. I got it c. 1976-7 when I got my Raleigh Gran Prix in Minnesota and kept it until 1989 when I was forced to leave the Raleigh (and the lock) behind in Chicago with a friend.

    I don’t think I ever worried once while my bike was locked up with that thing…

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