Additions to the Shimano 8-speed IG hub page reader Bruce Dance has contributed some helpful information on compatibility — or the lack of it — among different models. Read it on the 8-speed internal-gear hub page

Shimano Nexus hub

Shimano Nexus hub


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2 Responses to Additions to the Shimano 8-speed IG hub page

  1. Craig says:

    I think you should advise readers that you can also easily remove a Shimano freehub from a loose hub not spoked into a rim if the cassette is fitted on the freehub. You simply hold the cassette with a chain whip and use the 10mm hex key to remove the freehub retaining bolt as normal.

    • John says:

      Thanks — good thought and I’ll add it to the article. It is possible with the more common Shimano freehubs, not with a freewheel or some other freehubs.

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