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Sun Tour bicycle components

Several additions to the Sun Tour article, especially about freewheels.

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Fixed articles fixed!

Fixed articles fixed! Sheldon kept an older version of his fixed-gear articles online so as not to break Web links from other sites. These articles are now updated to the same content as the newer version.

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Addition to wheelbuilding page

New information in the wheelbuilding page about removing the bend from spokes where they exit the hub flange…

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Updates to pages about helmet cameras

John has updated pages about the GoPro and Contour helmet cameras to cover new models.

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Writeup on Bike Touring News

Nice writeup of!

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Bridgestone 1982 Catalog

Thanks to Daniel den Hartog for his PDF of the 1982 Bridgestone Bicycles catalog, now online from the Bridgestone table of contents page along with all the other catalogs from 1985 through 1994 and a wealth of other information.

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Isvan on Power Management

Osman Isvan has written a paper, Power Management for Lightweight Vehicles, and has been kind enough to send it for posting on Isvan gives special attention to how to make the most efficient use of electrical-assist power. His conclusions … Continue reading

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Sachs Elan/SRAM E12 Internals

John has posted a new article about the mechanism of the Sachs Elan/SRAM E12 12-speed internal-gear hub; the largest, heaviest, most complicated internal-gear hub ever marketed — flawed execution of a brilliant design concept. The unusual way this hub establishes … Continue reading

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