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Sturmey-Archer indicator spindles

John has compiled an article with dimensions of most kinds of Sturmey-Archer indicator spindle — the little rod and chain which the shifter cable pulls to shift the gears inside the hub. There are over a dozen different indicator spindles, … Continue reading

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Shimano Nexus 4-speed

John has put together a new article about the Shimano Nexus 4-speed internal-gear hub, with links to a parts list and servicing information. This hub has been discontinued, but in case you want to keep one going…

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Additions to Nexus/Alfine 8-speed article

John has added information to the article about Shimano Nexus and Alfine 8-speed internally-geared hubs, describing common failure modes and how to forestall failure; how to determine whether a hub might need service; and also normal noises and “clunks” which … Continue reading

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