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Updates to cyclecomputer calibration page

Links to instruction sheets for many more bicycle computers have been added to the computer calibration instruction page .

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Cycling in winter

Well, it’s time for this, in much of the Northern-Hemisphere anyway. Before I get onto my bicycle this morning, let me announce an article about winter cycling! Here’s one of my favorite photos of Sheldon… The article covers winter bicycles, … Continue reading

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Sturmey-Archer 8-speed Cable Pull

Information the current series of Sturmey-Archer 8-speed hubs has been added to the cribsheet of internal-gear hub cable pull measurements. Not quite the same as for the earlier series! Thanks to David Choma for the measurements!

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Sturmey-Archer Pages Updated

Major update to the Sturmey-Archer pages: * fixed links which S-A broke by redoing its Web site (that’s everything about current hubs). * updated the list of hubs. * Added new technical information. Our cribsheet of hub model names and … Continue reading

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A quick quick-release lesson

New article: Osman Isvan demonstrates how to remove and replace quick-release bicycle wheels, with two videos.  Here’s one of the videos:

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Stopping and restarting

Much-expanded page on stopping and restarting, with 7 (count ‘em) embedded videos showing good and bad techniques:

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Crib sheet of internal-gear hub cable-pull measurements

NEW – Crib sheet of internal-gear hub shifter cable pull measurements The main thing this shows is that there is very little compatibility, though there is *some* — mostly among three-speeds, though not always among them either. I thank Alex … Continue reading

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Raleigh Twenty page additions

Additions to the page on Raleigh Twenty bicycles — more detail on bottom-bracket replacements, headsets, brakes, handlebars. This page gives specific ideas about customizing the Twenty, and highlights Sheldon’s do-it-yourself approach in general, taking advantage of the strong points (in … Continue reading

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Addition to page on SRAM G8 and G9 hubs

John has added some owner comments to the page on SRAM G8 and G9 internal-gear hubs. Opinions are generally very positive.

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Quick releases

I’ve responded to a request from a reader for more information about quick-release skewer lengths by going further, with a major expansion of the article about quick releases. The article now covers wheel installation, secondary retention devices including the much-derided … Continue reading

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