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Measuring hub and rim for spoke-length calculation

New page on how to measure a hub and rim to get the numbers to enter into a spoke-length calculator.

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which tire fits which rim?

Major revision of the page on rim sizing to determine what tires will fit

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Our article about the SRAM G8 hub now also covers the new G9 9-speed.

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Threescore and ten…

Sheldon would have been 70 years old on July 14, 2014.

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Seatpost size database update

Additions to the seatpost size database to include all the sizes which people have reported. Feel free to report more.


If the chain falls off or jams

New article on how to prevent chain incidents and how to recover from them. Did you know that you can re-engage a dropped chain without getting your hands dirty?

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Bottom bracket information revised

We’ve added David Richardson’s photo of damage to a Shimano Octalink V1 crank from installing it on a V2 spindle to the bottom-bracket database. Also, we’ve coordinated bottom-bracket threading standards tables in the several files where they appear.

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Jobst Brandt pages updated

Harriet has reorganized the Jobst Brandt pages — formatting for easier reading, placing them into categories and in sequence, fixed broken links. Brandt’s trenchant comments demolish a number of bicycling myths, and bring an engineering perspective to issues of mechanical … Continue reading


Home-brew hybrid gearing

Additions to the article on internal-gear hubs — more about how to construct a multi-speed hybrid-gearing system using a stock 3-speed hub and two sprockets and/or two chainwheels. It indexes even without index shifters! Photo courtesy of Mark Stonich.

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Skid patch counts

Correction to formula and additional info including a calculation spreadsheet for the number of skid patches on the rear tire from skip-stop braking on a fixed-gear bicycle.

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