Kryptonite history

Just posted — an article on the invention and early history of the Kryptonite bicycle lock — including numerous illustrations, and interviews with Stan Kaplan, the inventor, and Michael Zane, who commercialized the product.

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ShelBroCo Dent Removal System

A prized, classic steel bicycle frame with butted tubing (thick-walled at the ends for strength, thin-walled in the middle for light weight)  is easily dented, but ShelBroCo has a fix — it’s quick, effective and easy to use!

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Leather saddle update

Major additions to our page on leather saddles — descriptions and photos of different Brooks saddle models, comments on other brands, lots more advice on adjustments and leather care.

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8-speed Shimano hubs — update

We have updated our page on Shimano 8-speed hubs. Shimano changed a number of links and posted some new information.

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How the i-Motion 9 hub works

New section on how the SRAM i-Motion 9 hub works in the article about that hub.

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New article and paper by Osman Isvan

New article by Osman Isvan introducing and summarizing his series of technical papers about bicycling propulsion, wind, hills and measurement techniques. And a new paper about measurement, too.

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Biopace chainrings

We like Shimano Biopace non-round chainrings, and they are reliably available on eBay. We have expanded our article on how to choose and use them.

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Handlebar stems…

Major additions to our article about handlebar stem choice and adjustment.

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Sturmey-Archer indicator spindles

John has compiled an article with dimensions of most kinds of Sturmey-Archer indicator spindle – the little rod and chain which the shifter cable pulls to shift the gears inside the hub. There are over a dozen different indicator spindles, with different lengths, intended for different hubs — but importantly, there is a lot of compatibilty among them.

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Shimano Nexus 4-speed

John has put together a new article about the Shimano Nexus 4-speed internal-gear hub, with links to a parts list and servicing information. This hub has been discontinued, but in case you want to keep one going…

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