Now in Chinese — 中国

Phil Feng has translated three articles into Chinese — more to come:

Bicycle Brake Choices
About Bicycle Brakes with Brazed-on Fittings
Tire Sizing Systems

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Maintaining Bike Friday hinges

Friends, here’s a new article giving step-by-step instructions for maintenance of Bike Friday hinges:

A question remains: how tight to tighten the bolts.The press the frame tabs against the barrel of the hinge. Probably not too, too tight.

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Video makes a debut

John has put a video on the fenders page. Many more to come!

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More about belt drive

John has revised information on belt drive to cover the Gates Carbon Drive.

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Bicycle video: new article, and updates

John has added an article on the Deshaker image-stabilization plugin for the free Windows application VirtualDub, and has updated and expanded the generic article on image stabilization and the one on the GoPro helmet camera.

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John has made major additions to the article on fenders. It now covers some additional points and has many more photo illustrations.

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Major update to our article on chain maintenance — bicycle chain was developed in the U.K. and is dimensioned in inches. Most of the world including the U.K. has gone over to the metric system. How do you tell whether a worn chain needs replacement using a ruler marked off in centimeters? We’ll show you how! (Inches too, of course.)

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Upgrading old road bikes

I’ve filled out and Harriet has formatted Sheldon’s page about upgrading old road bikes, which Sheldon left as a work in progress.

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SBC American Way Bicycles

US FlagNew! Exclusive! Now thanks to ShelBroCo, you can OWN the urban bicycle of your dreams! Take your stand for the American Way! Read all about this exciting new development!

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iPad app references

The recently-released iPad app Cyclepedia is for the most part a very slick, enhanced presentation of 100 bicycles in a historical collection ranging from 1920 to the present. The photography is superb, the bicycles are of many different types, and the app makes full use of the iPad to rotate and zoom the images, even to swipe images of folding bicycles to see how they fold. Cyclepedia was app of the week in the UK iPad store. It references for further technical information.

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