Updates to Sturmey-Archer 4, 5 and 7-speed hub page

Major updates to the page on Sturmey-Archer 4, 5 and 7-speed hubs, mostly concerning the hubs sold from 1991 through 2009.

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Emergency frame repairs

Headed out on tour where you could be 100 miles or more from the nearest bicycle shop? Or do you just want to know the principles of bicycle frame alignment? We have an article for you.

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More troubleshooting advice on Sachs/SRAM internal-gear hubs

There’s more troubleshooting advice now in our article about Sachs/SRAM internal-gear hubs: how to test whether a problem is inside the hub, or only in the shifter and cable — for hubs with 3, 5 or 7 speeds, with pullchain(s) or clickbox.

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Riparazione su strada

Just rolls off the tongue in Italian, doesn’t it? Salvatore Celi has translated our on-road repair article.

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On-road Wheel Repairs

John has written an article that just might get you rolling again.

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Sheldon’s Articles for Adventure Cycling

From 1999 through 2007, Sheldon wrote the column “Mechanical Advantage” for Adventure Cycling, the magazine of the Adventure Cycling Association. He covered a wide range of mechanical topics, oriented toward the needs of the bicycle tourists with the Adventure Cycling Association serves. All of these articles are online, and we now have a convenient table of contents for them on our site.

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Another in Italian

Salvatore Celi has also translated Sheldon’s article on Shimano Dura-Ace components into Italian, http://avvsavv.blogspot.it/2013/07/sheldon-brown-shimano-dura-ace.html

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Now in Italian

6-speed, 7-speed, 8-speed, 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed? by Sheldon Brown and revised by John Allen has been translated to Italian by Salvatore Celi,

Check out other translated articles at http://sheldonbrown.com/translations.html

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There are now translations of the Cables and Cranks articles into Slovak, thanks to translator Juraj Peressényi.

Our Teaching Kids to Ride page is availble in Belarusian.

There are three articles in Chinese thanks to Phil Feng, and numerous articles in French, German, Russian; a couple in Spanish and Czech.

Harriet has revised the Translations table of contents page, which was becoming unwieldy in its earlier format.

If you can read English but your native language is another, we welcome translations. Please see our translations page for further information.

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On-Road Repairs

John has added a new article about on-road repairs and the on-road toolkit.

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