Updates to cyclecomputer calibration page

Links to instruction sheets for many more bicycle computers have been added to the computer calibration instruction page

Another bicycle computer covered...

Another bicycle computer covered…


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Cycling in winter

Sheldon enjoying winter cycling

Sheldon enjoying winter cycling

Well, it’s time for this, in much of the Northern-Hemisphere anyway. Before I get onto my bicycle this morning, let me announce an article about winter cycling! Here’s one of my favorite photos of Sheldon…

The article covers winter bicycles, clothing, riding technique and choice of routes.There are links to other sites with additional information.

Don’t let the cold weather stop you. Getting out and getting¬† exercise is a great way to defeat the winter blues. And you won’t have to dig out the car, or stand shivering at the bus stop.

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Information the current series of Sturmey-Archer 8-speed hubs has been added to the cribsheet of internal-gear hub cable pull measurements. Not quite the same as for the earlier series! Thanks to David Choma for the measurements!

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Major update to the Sturmey-Archer pages:

* fixed links which S-A broke by redoing its Web site (that’s everything about current hubs).

* updated the list of hubs.

* Added new technical information.

Our cribsheet of hub model names and descriptions is a good place to start.

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A quick quick-release lesson

New article: Osman Isvan demonstrates how to remove and replace quick-release bicycle wheels, with two videos.¬† Here’s one of the videos:

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Stopping and restarting

Much-expanded page on stopping and restarting, with 7 (count ‘em) embedded videos showing good and bad techniques: http://sheldonbrown.com/starting.html

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Crib sheet of internal-gear hub cable-pull measurements

Alex Wetmore's cable pull measuring tool

Alex Wetmore’s cable-pull measuring tool

NEW – Crib sheet of internal-gear hub shifter cable pull measurements

The main thing is shows is that there is very little compatibility, though there is *some* — mostly among three-speeds, though not always among them either. I thank Alex Wetmore and Jeff Bertolet for help with this page.

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Raleigh Twenty page additions

raleigh-twenty-8-01Additions to the page on Raleigh Twenty bicycles — more detail on bottom-bracket replacements, headsets, brakes, handlebars. This page gives specific ideas about customizing the Twenty, and highlights Sheldon’s do-it-yourself approach in general, taking advantage of the strong points (in this case, the frame) of a run-of-the mill bicycle to upgrade it into a one that performs, and looks great too.

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Addition to page on SRAM G8 and G9 hubs

John has added some owner comments to the page on SRAM G8 and G9 internal-gear hubs. Opinions are generally very positive.

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Quick releases

I’ve responded to a request from a reader for more information about quick-release skewer lengths by going further, with a major expansion of the article about quick releases. The article now covers wheel installation, secondary retention devices including the much-derided “lawyer lips”, and much more. — http://sheldonbrown.com/skewers.html — John Allen, for sheldonbrown.com

Effective length of a quick-release skewer

Effective length of a quick-release skewer

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