SRAM DualDrive clickbox, cable and shifter

The SRAM DualDrive hub was the mainstay hub for hybrid gearing for 15 years, from 2000 through 2015. Very many are still in use. Read here about how to install, adjust and adapt its unusual shifting parts.

SRAM DualDrive clickbos

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More measuring tricks

Our page on ways to measure bicycle components can save time and avoid the need for  some expensive tools. We have now added information on how to compare chains. And the example in the photo here:  How to determine  the length of a cable without uncoiling it.

Measuring cable length without uncoiling it.

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Remembering Sheldon

Richard reading to Sheldon

Big brother Richard reading to Sheldon, around 1949

Gingerbread boy bookSheldon Brown would have been 77 years old today. We miss him very much.
In this picture his big brother Richard is reading to him. And at the right is the cover of the book Richard was reading.

“Run, run
As fast as you can,
You can’t catch me,
I’m the gingerbread man.”

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Cable installation

John added photos and a quite a lot of additional information to our page about cables, and the page got too long — so we have split it into two pages. The original cables page now includes more background information — why use cables, the different types, and a video showing how they work. The cable installation page has many new photos, added details, and tricks and tips.

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Shimano 7-speed Hub Instructions

I have no added another hub from the Sutherland’s lost pages to to our Internet republication of Sutherland’s Handbook of Coaster Brakes and Internal-Gear Hubs — : the Shimano coaster-brake 7-speed. Here’s a page from the almost-finished draft – John Allen.

A lost page from Sutherland's

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The Sutherland’s lost pages

Sutherland’s planned to cover new internal-gear hubs in the 6th Edition (1996) of its Handbook, but then left them out. In straightening up my office recently, I found the nearly finished draft pages. We have permission, and we’ll be adding them to our Internet republication of Sutherland’s Handbook of Coaster Brakes and Internal-Gear Hubs — including trouble charts and comparative parts lists not to be found elsewhere. First hub is now online: the Shimano 4-speed – John Allen.

Exploded drawing of shimano 4-speed hub

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First cyclecomputer?

Our cyclecomputer database goes deep. We have found, scanned and posted a PDF of the manual for what is probably the first cyclecomputer, the Veltec Pacer 2000. We also have manuals for early Cateye, Avocet and Vetta computers, and rare brands.

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Podcasts –we now have a link to Harriet Fell’s and John Allen’s interview by Diane Jenks for her Outspoken Cyclist podcast — and links to other podcasts and videos as well. Find them on our podcasts page.

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We are here!

Harris cyclery logo

Ah, the hand-wringing. It seems to have started with someone  at the blog who inquired on our Facebook page, then posted on without waiting for our response.

Harris Cyclery has closed after a 70-year run, hit hard by pandemic supply issues. got its start when Sheldon worked at Harris Cyclery, and we are very grateful to Harris Cyclery for its support. But, since 2010, (except for the /harris pages) has floated its own boat, through online advertising.

We don’t know yet what other affiliation we may find, or whether we’ll go it alone, but you may rest easy. Ride your bike, and feel free to come to us for help keeping it in top shape.

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On-Road Repairs update

We have added to our page about on-road repairs. There is now a quick list so you can check which particular tools you might need for your bicycle, and we have covered some additional tools.

The basic on-road repairs will get you home or to the next bike shop on your bike, almost every time. If you can’t find the time or inspiration to learn them yourself, you might  ride with someone who did!

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