Rollercam and U-Brake Update!

For once, Sheldon Brown was wrong. Evidently, he never worked on a U brake,! The procedure to adjust their return springs’ tension is unusual. Reader Peter Stock has provided the needed information, with photos. Check it out on our U-brake page — and the same procedure also applies to Rollercam brakes.

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ShelBroCo and OpenAI

When OpenAI lets you down, ShelBroCo can save the day.

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The site is now displaying normally.

The site is displaying correctly again. Somehow permissions got changed on include files, tables and images, not our doing. But our Web host has now corrected the problem. Enjoy!

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Bolt circle update

Revision to our bolt-circle diameter pages — several edits, and a new template for Wolf Tooth, Campagnolo and FSA chainrings with uneven bolt-hole spacing. Quickly identify chainrings and find their tooth count.

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Thru Axles

Thru axles have become common on high-end bicycles in recent years, replacing the classic quick release. We have a new post about thru axles — description, types, installation and care, advantages and disadvantages.

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We have a new article on kickstands — choices, issues, installation. Sheldon didn’t write about them, because he didn’t use them. But John has them on a  couple bicycles, and they can be convenient.

A side stand mounted near the rear hub

A side stand mounted near the rear hub (Photo by Andrew Dressel, Gnu Free Documentation License, cropped.)


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Another way to look at sprocket sequences

Plotting sprocket pairs and ratios as a two-dimensional graph makes it possible clearly to see which pairs have nearly the same ratio — and to identify good sequences.

We have a graph and an article to describe it.

Gearing graph/>


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Addition to bolt-circle coverage

One of our bolt cicle templatesCampagnolo has come up with another new chainring bolt pattern (why?) and we have added it to our coverage. It’s the most complete you’ll find anywhere. Print out the template that corresponds to the kind of bolt pattern of your chainring, lay the chainring down on it and you get an instant readout of the bolt-circle diameter, brand and model of the original manufacturer’s version of this chainring. We cover classic brands as well as the newest and most confusing models with irregular bolt-circle patterns. Our coal here as with all of our cribsheets is to help you match parts, and to show cross-brand compatibility when it is not obvious and not promoted by the manufacturers. Thanks to Jacob Allen for the drawings in AutoCad!

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Shimano Cassette Bodies

Now for the first time, we have created a page that shows and describes the different types of cassette bodies all the way from early Uniglide up through the latest 11- and 12-speed systems. There is far more compatibility than you might expect, and some incompatibility that you might not. See how you might be able to make a 7-speed hub into 10-speed, or vice versa…

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Saddle Repair

We have expanded our coverage of repair of leather saddles — several new photos and paragraphs of text. Also, in case you would rather not repair your saddle yourself, we have updated information on where to send it.

The saddle in the image below was assembled from an Idéale Model 92 top and Model 80 undercarriage. Good as new!

Repaired saddle


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